We are proud to operate Hughes 500 D model helicopters. The Hughes 500 series is one of the world's most popular helicopters, due to it's construction and performance and reliability. It can carry one pilot and three additional crew members, and offers exceptional versatility for complex operations.



MD500 (Hughes 369D) Helicopter

Type Engine:

Allison 250-C20B turbo shaft 420 Horsepower


1 pilot and up to 3 crew

Service Ceiling:

12,500 feet (without supplemental oxygen)

16,000 feet (with supplemental oxygen)


Hover to 156 knots

Max. Gross weight:

3,000 pounds (1361 kilograms)

Empty Weight:

1550 pounds (703 kilograms)

Useful Load:

1450 pounds (658 kilograms) (fuel, personnel, and cargo)

Fuel Load:

400 pounds (60 gallons) - standard fuel load

160 pounds (25 gallons) - additional capability with the addition of one auxiliary fuel tank

Type Fuel:

Jet A, Jet B, JP4, JP8

Fuel Burn Rate:

180 pounds/hour (~28 gallons/hour)

Range (normal):

225 Nautical miles ~2.2 hours @110 knots

Dimensions (external):

Main rotor span - 26.41 feet

Total length - 30.84 feet

Tail height - 8.9 feet

Dimensions (internal):

42" Long x 42" Wide x 36" High

Useable Volumes:

Cabin - 30 cubic feet


GPS receiver

Radar Altimeter


Two VHF Radios (117-135 Megahertz)

Marine Band FM/VHF Radio (150-174 Megahertz)

Transponder with Mode C

Intercom System