"Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect." -Captain Lamplugh

Attention to detail says it all.  We truly believe that every accident is preventable and we apply that philosophy to every aspect of our operation.  The adverse environments in which we operate demand nothing less!  Our aircraft are inspected and serviced at standards that exceed FAA requirements, your “flight missions” and project objectives are analyzed to stomp out safety risks and unnecessary flight time.  And lastly, but most importantly our pilots simply can not be more experienced with the diverse missions we’ve flown, companies, agencies and governments we’ve flown those missions for, and the training we’ve had.

"In flying I have learned that carelessness and overconfidence are usually far more dangerous than deliberately accepted risks."    — Wilbur Wright in a letter to his father, September 1900.

If we cant do it, we’ll let you know.  Nothing is more important to us than our pilots and aircraft coming home at the end of every mission.  We can go just about anywhere with our aircraft, and bring what ever you want there on time every time!  But there are missions that we are just simply unable to complete because of weather, booking, weight restrictions and the like.  Don’t worry tho, if we are not able to help you the aviation industry in Hawaii is small enough.  We’ll put you in contact with an outfit who may be able help your company.  After all, this is how we get a lot of our business ;-)

"Learning should be fun. If you don't have fun in aviation then you don't learn, and when learning stops, you die."— Pete Campbell, FAA

No one enjoys showing up to work like we do, and no one likes analyzing our pilots and staff decisions like our boss!  Yes, every task we are assigned is reviewed for safety, progress and efficiency time and time again.  The strange thing is. . . we like it!  You’ll notice it as soon as you contact us.  Our operation may be small, but everyone enjoys solving problems and learning from their peers.

"People often assume I assume I am a thrill seeker, but I am not. I do not enjoy roller coasters, and you won't find me bungee-jumping . . . . It is a disadvantage that my pursuits are inherently dangerous. A large part of my effort is to reduce risk." -Steve Fossett

A by-product of Airborne Aviations dedication to safety, risk management and attention to detail is the ability to accomplish the tasks that our competitors can not.   Our commitment to the strictest industry protocols, our customers, our pilots, their families and area communities ensures that the inherently dangerous work that we are involved in is completed every time!